“Maa, let’s start! Okay?”

Today’s the Shubh-Aaram Divas of our YouTube channel: Hands Make Food. And I ask my mom, “What would be our first dish?”.

Maybe she was excited about our ‘YouTube Venture’ together.  Maybe she already had  planned the dinner schedule beforehand. Or maybe I was lucky that I decided to shoot on the day when my mom choose to cook something Non-Maharashtrian.

You know, which shows that my mom can cook both. Maharashtrian food and something out of the Marathi food club.

She replies calmly, “Today I’ll make ‘Gatte Ka Saag’ .. I know you like that dish alot!” 

True to her words, I do like that dish. And my mom makes it pretty good too!

After all, Restaurant < My Mom.

So, for those who don’t know, Gatte Ka Saag is a Rajasthani Delicacy.

It has 2 main components:

  1. ‘Gatte’ (गट्टे) is made out of a besan dough mixed with cumin and spices, and then rolled into cylindrical shape. After their cooked in boiling water, they are cut into small bite sized pieces.

  2. ‘Saag’ (साग) is a curry .. or stew, usually of vegetables. Now, saag of this dish is curd based. A few light spices, cumin seeds, and done! It’s that simple!

As a matter of fact, this dish is actually very easy to remember. And very quick to prepare.

It could be your secret weapon to impress your guests with your cooking skills.

Also, along with the Saag, goes well, are the Masala Parathas that my mom makes. I asked her if that was stolen from a cookbook. But she denied.

She said she mixed up a few techniques here and there, and came up with something different. 

Having said that, to make those Parathas more special you could add poppy seeds. But it’s unnecessary. Unless you actually “have guests” over at your place.

Well, both these dishes go extremely well together. They’re like bread and butter. No kidding.

Try it making yourself for your family!

And kiddos, ask your mom to make it for you.

Or your cook, anyone!


  1. Gatte Ka Saag

  2. Masala Paratha

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  2. Swapna says:

    Kya baat..👍Jss tempting 😋

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  3. Sandhya atya says:

    Very good enjoying


    1. guptesarvesh says:

      Thank Youu. 🙂


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    Mast !! Navin navin kahi tari chamchamit Post kar.keep it up.

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