“Maa, something for the summer?”

The heat’s been killing us! 40°c on an average. The sun’s having no mercy on anybody!

And, in this harsh weather, one doesn’t feel like eating anything. We all feel like drinking water and other cool liquids. That’s all. But we know what soft drinks do to our body. And oh yeah, ice cream too! But that’s not going to help our appetite. No. Not at all.

Even I feel the same way. Whenever​ I return from college, I used to be so hungry! But now, I just feel like drinking liquids. I barely get​ hungry. (This summer has ruined everything!) 

Although doctors suggests to drink more water than those regular 8 glasses, during these summer days. But excessive​ consumption of water can lead to indigestion. So we must eat something to balance it out. 

So here is my mom’s trick to beat the summer, a ‘Food + Humor Quickie’. This dish is sure to revive your bland taste buds during this scorching heat. It’ll help you heal from the “not-hungry” phase. And you’ll be great as a kite again. Yay!

It’s pretty quick to prepare. And can be stored in jars for a long time. Try it once! 🙂

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